The Facilities (aka "The Yard"):


Hamboody Strong is a circuit training facility located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley (near the intersection of Vanowen & White Oak) that's ready to put you through your paces in fun and challenging ways!  Available is a wide variety of fitness equipment designed to both challenge and strengthen your body.  

Each strategically planned circuit training session will incorporate a wide range of exercises, including those meant to improve posture, form, core strength, muscle strength, flexibility and cardio fitness. Regardless of your current physical fitness level, you can be straight off the couch or an elite athlete, each workout can and will be customized to your current abilities.  Because of how our workouts are structured, you dictate your own pace and flow through the circuit.  In almost every class, rookies and seasoned athletes alike end up exercising side by side and both end up having killer workouts!

The Trainers:

Coach Deirdre:
As the head coach and founder of Hamboody Strong, Deirdre oversees the overall operations of Hamboody Strong and also leads the majority of circuit training classes.  Deirdre comes from a background of competitive athletics including hockey, soccer, track & field, triathlon and long distance running.  As she aged (ugh), Deirdre found her training was leading to more and more frequent injuries. Because she wanted to have the knowledge of how to train and avoid injury, she opted to go back to school and become a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and while she intended to use the knowledge she acquired for personal use only, after some encouragement from family and friends, she decided to become a personal trainer full time - and Hamboody Strong was born! She too, along with her clients, is on a journey back to wellness!


Our Assistant Coaches: