... But the scale hasn't moved!

You've made some changes.  You're eating better.  You're working out.  You're moving more in your day-to-day.  And you're FEELING those changes too!  Your clothes are fitting better.  Your face has thinned out.  Your skin is glowing.  You have more energy.  Your bloat is gone. People are noticing and complimenting you.  You're excited to get to workouts and you meal prep on Sundays.  These changes are taking hold and you're feeling great!  
Then you step on the scale and it has not budged, or it has barely budged.  
And then you let all the good feelings you've been having crash down around you and you're convinced "this isn't working".  Even though, empirically, the evidence will show otherwise, because one number on one scale isn't what you expected, you let it define your journey to date as a failure.  

As a trainer, there's nothing more frustrating to me than this (ok, sorry, when people show up like twice and then don't show up for a month, then show up twice again and then complain it's not working - that's more frustrating ... but I digress).  I have actually had clients who, even though they've had all the positives we talk about above - the improved energy, the improved strength, the loss in pant size (or two), etc - they have quit, yes QUIT, because the scale didn't say a number they were expecting.  I have tried so hard to wrap my head around WHY what the scale says is the grand ultimate reflection of if you feel you succeeded at wellness or not.  And then, just yesterday, I found myself for the briefest of moments doing the same thing.

As I'm sure you all know, I'm on my own "regaining my wellness" journey after a few years of injuries and sedentary lifestyle and far too much garbage food.  And during these past three months I've been feeling pretty good!  I've improved the nutrition greatly and finally have started getting active again.  And I popped on the scale yesterday and was like "whaaaaaaa ... how can it still be there?". And for a moment I let all the work I've done and how good I feel crash to the bathroom floor around me.  But then I went and trained my clients for an early morning class, and as I looked around at my badass clients kicking ass that morning, I realized I would NOT accept this mentality from them, so why even consider it for myself.  So, I went back inside and tucked the scale away.  There is a time and a place to check the scale, but now ain't it.  I have my baseline numbers and now I will put all my focus on continuing to do the things that I know are making me feel better - both inside and out.  There's about a billion different scientific explanations for why a scale won't move, especially at the start of a wellness journey, and frankly, I ain't got the time to deep dive into trying to figure out the specific reason for me.  I'm going to be too busy eating good food, being active and just enjoying this new lifestyle that's making me feel good.  This new lifestyle cannot and will not be defined nor determined by the scale.  I know eventually it WILL move.  Just like a watched pot never boils, a scale obsessed over will never budge.  So in a few months I'll pop on it again and see what's up ... but since the number doesn't really have anything to do with how I plan on living my day-to-day ... what shows up on the display is really rather irrelevant.  If I'm doing the right things, and I'm confident that I am, the weight will come off whether I'm looking at the scale or not, so why give myself the mental anguish a scale can provide?  

Seeing a specific number on a scale is not the ultimate reward for starting a new wellness journey ... feeling amazing and your personal best is ... and always should be.  


So, "Life" Has Taken Back Over? What About YOUR Life?


Here it is, the first week of "back to school" and my class registrations are ... well ... light.  Parents have new hectic morning schedules, my teachers are all readjusting to the 8-3 grind and traffic is once again at its apex of horrendousness on the LA freeways.  

But y'all - DON'T LET THIS BE AN EXCUSE!  Your health & wellness journey is NOT solely from June - September.  It simply can't be. That's not how this works.  Allowing external pressures to lower yourself on the priority list is kinda what got you here in the first place, amirite? Only showing up when it was easy to show up isn't going to get you those results you're looking for. You MUST, you absolutely MUST find a way to make this work - for you, for your family.  Work with your spouse, significant other, care taker, boss, your favorite TV show(s), your own schedule, or anyone/anything else that makes demands on your time and etch out an hour each day, or every second day even, where you can get away and focus on your fitness and health. You CAN find one hour. If not with Hamboody, do *something* that gets you moving and gets you back in touch with feeling healthy (because I KNOW sitting in an office / class room all day long does not help those feelings of health and well being).  Believe me - it CAN be done.  

You may have to get up a little extra early, but people busier than you who have slept less that you are doing it.  Or forgo the caffeinated beverage at 2pm and instead take that half an hour you'd spend in the Starbuck's line and get outside and get walking.  You'll feel better for it and avoid the caffeine / sugar crash that would've been awaiting you at 4pm.  Or plan and prep your family's meals ahead of time (if you're the meal prepper), or allow them to fend for themselves (I promise - they'll figure it out), and no matter how tired you are at the end of the day, get yo' *ss to class!  In class you'll be with fellow exhausted moms, dads, workers, caretakers, etc ... and you all can take that hour together to decompress and work on your health.  Laugh together. Encourage each other. Sling weights together. I promise you, people likely much busier than you have learned the importance of caring for themselves and are not allowing excuses to keep them away from their goals - they are showing up and getting it done.  They know they'll be more productive, present and helpful to others if they also take care of themselves. And they're feeling all the better for it.  You may need to plan more than you're used to, or be more organized than you're accustomed to, or you may have to get a little less sleep than you'd like to, but ...


I'll see you in class!  ;-)

Someone With More Excuses Than You ...

It's a little tough love time for some of my clients ...

Here's the thing, while I provide no guarantees with our program, I will guarantee you this ... this program won't work if you don't. Commit to yourself and make yourself a priority. For sure, one-off things come up in life, and I totally understand that, but I have my chronic cancellers and I have my only-won't-show-up-if-my-house-is-on-fire peeps (and even then, some of them will find a way to make it to class). And, well, the latter are the ones who are seeing the results. Don't let excuses and self-sabotage get in the way of what you want for yourself, because frankly, someone with more excuses than you is doing the work you *should* and CAN be doing

I have exhausted moms ... who show up.
I have exhausted dads ... who show up.
I have people with injuries ... who show up.
I have people who just had absolutely sh*t days at work ... who show up.
I have people who worked the midnight shift ... who show up for the morning class before going to bed
I have people who only slept two hours the night before ... who show up.
I have people who are going through terrifying medical diagnoses ... who show up.
I have people who just had a huge fight with their significant other ... who show up (and I let them take it out on the battle ropes)
I have non-morning people dragging their half asleep selves to morning class because they won't be able to make a night class ... who show up
I have people who are hungover ... who show up
I have people who are sick ... who show up
I have people who travel half the month ... who show up when they're here, and workout on the road when they're not
I have people whose day is so cram packed with things to do they can't even stay the full hour ... but they show up and do what they can

And these are the peeps who are seeing and feeling the changes. I get that it can be "hard" to show up, but if this were easy, I'd have 300 clients all day / every day. When you clicked "register" for this, you had a dream and a goal in your head ... get back in touch with that and realize that to achieve it, you have to show up. Remember why you started.

Eat More *^%#%^# Food!

People, please!

Eat like ATHLETES, not "dieters"!

On the regular I'm approached by someone who I know is killing it in class and are consistent with their workouts, but they can't figure out why they're not dropping weight.

Me: "Well, there could be a few reasons - the biggest one being that your body composition is changing, you're adding more muscle but dropping fat, so while your weight isn't changing - you are. How do your clothes fit? Any better?" If they answer "yes!" then we move on, knowing changes are happening. If they answer no, then I ask them about their nutrition, and inevitably they tell me they are eating some ridiculously low calorie number and I stare at them stunned. Like, A) How can you be standing in front of me right now in the middle of a grueling evening circuit training workout having only eaten 700 calories today (I personally would be too hangry to even show up, or frankly, dead) and B) WHY are you eating so little?!

We are NOT dieters here. We are ATHLETES and should be fueling our bodies accordingly. Athletes do not allow themselves to get hungry. An athlete in training does not have room to be hungry as they have to focus on their training, not on depriving themselves of the calories they NEED to perform. Now, I'm not saying go crazy on the junk calories - but I am encouraging, nay, I'm instructing you to increase your quality calories immediately. If you're trying to keep your caloric intake at that bullsh*t marker of 1,200 cals (I'd love to throttle the person who came up with such a stuuuuuupid number), STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Putting your body into a starvation state only essentially guarantees you you won't lose a pound. Your body will do all it can to hang onto every last morsel of fat as it's trying to preserve life, as it doesn't think there's any food around. Add in more food now. And log your food (the My Fitness Pal app is awesome), so you have a really good snapshot of what an average day looks like for you. We were talking about just this very topic today in class, and Erin mentioned how last summer she hit a plateau and even while upping her exercise intensity, the scale wouldn't budge for her. But when she started eating MORE (going from around 1,400 cals / day to around 1,800 or 1,900 cals / day), the pounds literally started to fall off. She went from eating like a "dieter" to eating like the athlete that she was. She kept the calories quality and got results almost immediately. Food is NOT your enemy during your wellness journey. A healthy relationship with food is vital to your overall success, so embrace it and fuel yourselves like the athletes that you are!