Preparing for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam

I took the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam this morning - and I passed! I'm now a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER! 

I got a 705 out of 800, so an 88%!  I'm super stoked with that (but, of course, now I'm all ... "hmmmmm ... what could I have done to get to 90%?!" hah!).  Overall though, I'm really thrilled with this result as, coming in with zero anatomy knowledge or personal training background, I managed to get this score after studying for only about 2.5 months.  And while it definitely wasn't easy, and those 2.5 months were intense - fast tracking was worth it - because I have mad goals to accomplish in 2016!

Now I'm moving on to Phase 2 of my 2016 Goal Plan - whipping myself back into shape and preparing to take on clients here at Hamboody Strong! Stay tuned for frequent updates and class schedules!

But first, I vlogged my thoughts on preparing for and taking this exam, in case anyone else out there in internet land would like some suggestions on how to navigate the 1000s of pages of information covered in the exam!