The First Rule of Hamboody Strong ...

The first rule of Hamboody Strong?  We ALWAYS talk about Hamboody Strong!  ;-)

Everyone that arrives to Hamboody Strong bootglamp (glamorous bootcamp!) or a seminar or a seminar series is already making huge gains just by showing up! You are showing yourself and those around you that you're making your health and life a priority - and that's worth celebrating and talking about! #HamboodyStrong  

But what are the other rules of Hamboody Strong, you ask?

Rule #2:  Once you are behind our gates (literally & metaphorically, as this rule applies to wherever you find yourself 24/7 once you become a Hamboody Strong client), the word "fat" no longer exists (unless it's "phat", of course). Not one Hamboody Strong client is defined by their current weight or fitness ability, hence and there forth, you shall not say that you are. We are all glorious works-in-progress and we all shall celebrate the body we are in now, as it is what's going to get us to our end goals.

Rule #3: The words "I can't", "I suck", "I'm terrible at this" and any other versions of these are hereby also banned from your vocabulary!  While some tasks may be more challenging than others, none of them will be impossible!  We are capable human beings with capable human being bodies and while we might not be where we want to be yet, we are getting there and we are going to celebrate the journey!

Rule #4: We are all in this boat together!  Support one another!  We all know this road we're on can be a challenge and can be fraught with obstacles.  This goes for ourselves AND that person standing beside you working hard.  Acknowledge their effort!  When you're in the deepest challenge and are pushing your body to its max, take a look at the person next to you and either soak up the inspiration coming from their strength - or help push them through if they appear to be struggling.  And at the end of every circuit training bootglamp session - offer up some high fives, hollers of celebration and encouraging words to your fellow bootglampers - and soak them up when they are offered to you.  You are warriors that just went through battle together - you've earned the accolades!