The Scale Lies. It Liiiiiiiiiies!

As I'm sure you're able to discern by now, our inaugural 6-week fitness challenge program kicked off just over 3 weeks ago (June 1st).  What you may not have known is that I too am participating in the 6-week program (on my own time), as I have a great deal of fitness that I need to regain. 

The first week of the program proved challenging, as I was attempting to balance my full-time gig with all the new morning and evening fitness classes I was now leading, so frankly, I got zip, zero, zilch workouts for myself in that week.  Knowing I'd need to plan better, I made a few adjustments the following week and managed to get in a workout or two (but still wasn't doing near what I wanted to be doing).  But by week three (this week), I finally felt I had a good grasp on my schedule and managed to fit a few great workouts into my week (while I still continued to improve my nutrition). 

And then, in the spirit of 'do as I say and not as I do', I hopped on the scale this morning (I've instructed all my bootglampers not to step anywhere near a scale during this process).  And when I hopped up on the scale, expecting lower numbers than last time, I was disappointed when I saw it was UP half a pound.  Da hell??  I was (finally) buring some calories each week through exercise and my nutrition had vastly improved. I felt stronger, lighter and more nimble than I had in years.  My clothes were fitting better.  How the heck was I UP half a pound?

Then I realized the same thing I tell to all my clients - the scale LIES!  Shaking off the number I had just seen and breathing again, I then took my body fat % measurements and realized - they had gone DOWN!  WEEHOO!  So while yes, the scale indicated that my weight had increased ... when I dove deeper into my actual body composition - the little work in the previous two weeks I had managed to get done was taking effect.  PHEW!  Instead of being up half a pound as the scale indicates ... I'm actually DOWN 1/2 a pound of fat and UP an entire pound of muscle!  Things are totally moving in the right direction at a rate that is sustainable and maintainable!  This was encouraging news and gave me that little boost of motivation to try and work even harder in the upcoming week four!

Had I decided to just become discouraged when I saw the original number on the scale, I likely would be sooooo many slices deep into binge eating a pizza on the couch right now.  But instead, I remembered that the SCALES LIE and that the numbers flashing back at me are not an accurate indication of the changes taking place in my body right now as I work hard and focus on becoming a healthier and fitter version of myself.  It would've been an absolute shame had I walked away from this program this week simply due to the number on the scale ... as the changes ARE happening, I just chose the wrong tool to see them. This journey, while only weeks old, is proving to be one of fun, camaraderie, confidence and joy ... and to let a scale's little flashing numbers potentially rob me of that would've been a travesty (you know, had I been able to walk away, if I wasn't the leader and all.  heheh).

It's time to take the mindf*&% out of jumping on a scale to measure our "fitness" and time to really start focusing on the importance of how we feel, both inside and out, during our fitness journey! 

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