And the winner of our 8-week challenge is ...

Have you been following along with our Hamboody-ers as they slayed their way through their 8-week end-of-year (you know, when all the eating holidays are) challenge? Do you think you know who won?  Who's your guess?  

Well, be in suspense no more! Below is our official top 3, but note, everyone that embarked on this challenge did amazing.  Even if the holidays side tracked some of us, all stayed in the spirit of the thing and were very encouraging to one another.  And I'm confident all will move forward into 2017 a little bit wiser and a whole lot stronger and able to achieve all of their goals!

Oh, and a special note about how the winner was calculated.  We took the total % of body fat lost and added that number to the total % of muscle gained.  Those two numbers together equaled our contestant's overall score.  And wouldn't you know it - our winner and 2nd place contestant were only 0.1% apart (and third place was only 0.2% behind 2nd)

So, without further ado ....

3rd place: Dawne! ... with a 6.0% body composition change (lost 3.6% body fat + gained 2.4% muscle)


2nd place: Erin! ... with a 6.2% body composition change (lost 4.3% body fat + gained 1.9% muscle)


1st place & grand prize champion: Chico! ... with a 6.3% body composition change
(lost 4.2% body fat + gained 2.1% muscle)

Chico has won himself $500 cash OR 6 months FREE unlimited circuit training at Hamboody Strong ... and I'm pleased to announce he's opted to take the free training as his prize, so expect to see him continue to absolutely crush his goals into 2017!