Week 2: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

8 Week Challengers - we are now entering into Week 2!  And with Week 2 comes a little wearing off of the enthusiasm you had going into Week 1.  After completing 7 days you might be thinking this is a bit too tough, a bit too hard, you're just too tired or you don't know if you want to maintain this new schedule. Now is the time to remind yourself of why you signed up in the first place (remember that excitement and hope when you hit the "register" button?) and start to get "comfortable being uncomfortable".

Change is never easy.  With change always comes discomfort. With this kind of specific health & fitness change you might get discomfort in the form of sore muscles, tiredness or even hunger or bad cravings for junk food.  You might miss your favorite (sedentary) activities from a few weeks ago (aka - long for old habits), or you might even be encountering friends or family members who are (hopefully subconsciously and not intentionally) trying to sabotage your new wellness journey.  Now is the time to dig a little deeper and know that this change that you're striving to make WILL be worth a little discomfort in order to achieve it - and a little discomfort will be necessary in order to achieve it (because if this were easy, we'd all be where we want to be already).

You will be tired some days - but you still need to show up and do your workouts.  Your muscles will be sore - but as long as you're allowing yourself a full recovery day or two each week - you need to show up for yourself for the rest of the week. You might want to binge on a box of Oreos or an entire pizza - but you have to show the discipline required to push through the craving. Your desired results will be just on the other side!  The new you, the you-you-want-you-to-be-in-8-weeks, needs 2-weeks-in-you to be strong & dedicated, as this upcoming week is going to determine how committed you remain to this program.  Week 2 always seems to be the "make 'em or break 'em" week.  BE THE MAKE 'EM!  Each and everyone of you is so beyond strong & capable enough to achieve this.  I'm SO psyched by all of you and cannot wait to see the results you end up pulling off in 8 weeks time, but we all gotta get through Week 2 in order to get to Week 8 - so keep on pushing!

You CAN do this.  I promise you.  Just go into Week 2 knowing it's going to be a little uncomfortable, but so, so, SO worth it - and you WILL make it through.  Sign up for your classes now and commit to making them all. Be as committed on a Thursday evening as you are on a Monday morning!  

Let me know if you have any questions about Week 2 and let's do the dang thing!
PS - Week 2's "prize" may or may not have something to do with being "comfortable being uncomfortable" and your ability to power through and stay focused and on target. 


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