Eat More *^%#%^# Food!

People, please!

Eat like ATHLETES, not "dieters"!

On the regular I'm approached by someone who I know is killing it in class and are consistent with their workouts, but they can't figure out why they're not dropping weight.

Me: "Well, there could be a few reasons - the biggest one being that your body composition is changing, you're adding more muscle but dropping fat, so while your weight isn't changing - you are. How do your clothes fit? Any better?" If they answer "yes!" then we move on, knowing changes are happening. If they answer no, then I ask them about their nutrition, and inevitably they tell me they are eating some ridiculously low calorie number and I stare at them stunned. Like, A) How can you be standing in front of me right now in the middle of a grueling evening circuit training workout having only eaten 700 calories today (I personally would be too hangry to even show up, or frankly, dead) and B) WHY are you eating so little?!

We are NOT dieters here. We are ATHLETES and should be fueling our bodies accordingly. Athletes do not allow themselves to get hungry. An athlete in training does not have room to be hungry as they have to focus on their training, not on depriving themselves of the calories they NEED to perform. Now, I'm not saying go crazy on the junk calories - but I am encouraging, nay, I'm instructing you to increase your quality calories immediately. If you're trying to keep your caloric intake at that bullsh*t marker of 1,200 cals (I'd love to throttle the person who came up with such a stuuuuuupid number), STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Putting your body into a starvation state only essentially guarantees you you won't lose a pound. Your body will do all it can to hang onto every last morsel of fat as it's trying to preserve life, as it doesn't think there's any food around. Add in more food now. And log your food (the My Fitness Pal app is awesome), so you have a really good snapshot of what an average day looks like for you. We were talking about just this very topic today in class, and Erin mentioned how last summer she hit a plateau and even while upping her exercise intensity, the scale wouldn't budge for her. But when she started eating MORE (going from around 1,400 cals / day to around 1,800 or 1,900 cals / day), the pounds literally started to fall off. She went from eating like a "dieter" to eating like the athlete that she was. She kept the calories quality and got results almost immediately. Food is NOT your enemy during your wellness journey. A healthy relationship with food is vital to your overall success, so embrace it and fuel yourselves like the athletes that you are!