Someone With More Excuses Than You ...

It's a little tough love time for some of my clients ...

Here's the thing, while I provide no guarantees with our program, I will guarantee you this ... this program won't work if you don't. Commit to yourself and make yourself a priority. For sure, one-off things come up in life, and I totally understand that, but I have my chronic cancellers and I have my only-won't-show-up-if-my-house-is-on-fire peeps (and even then, some of them will find a way to make it to class). And, well, the latter are the ones who are seeing the results. Don't let excuses and self-sabotage get in the way of what you want for yourself, because frankly, someone with more excuses than you is doing the work you *should* and CAN be doing

I have exhausted moms ... who show up.
I have exhausted dads ... who show up.
I have people with injuries ... who show up.
I have people who just had absolutely sh*t days at work ... who show up.
I have people who worked the midnight shift ... who show up for the morning class before going to bed
I have people who only slept two hours the night before ... who show up.
I have people who are going through terrifying medical diagnoses ... who show up.
I have people who just had a huge fight with their significant other ... who show up (and I let them take it out on the battle ropes)
I have non-morning people dragging their half asleep selves to morning class because they won't be able to make a night class ... who show up
I have people who are hungover ... who show up
I have people who are sick ... who show up
I have people who travel half the month ... who show up when they're here, and workout on the road when they're not
I have people whose day is so cram packed with things to do they can't even stay the full hour ... but they show up and do what they can

And these are the peeps who are seeing and feeling the changes. I get that it can be "hard" to show up, but if this were easy, I'd have 300 clients all day / every day. When you clicked "register" for this, you had a dream and a goal in your head ... get back in touch with that and realize that to achieve it, you have to show up. Remember why you started.