So, "Life" Has Taken Back Over? What About YOUR Life?


Here it is, the first week of "back to school" and my class registrations are ... well ... light.  Parents have new hectic morning schedules, my teachers are all readjusting to the 8-3 grind and traffic is once again at its apex of horrendousness on the LA freeways.  

But y'all - DON'T LET THIS BE AN EXCUSE!  Your health & wellness journey is NOT solely from June - September.  It simply can't be. That's not how this works.  Allowing external pressures to lower yourself on the priority list is kinda what got you here in the first place, amirite? Only showing up when it was easy to show up isn't going to get you those results you're looking for. You MUST, you absolutely MUST find a way to make this work - for you, for your family.  Work with your spouse, significant other, care taker, boss, your favorite TV show(s), your own schedule, or anyone/anything else that makes demands on your time and etch out an hour each day, or every second day even, where you can get away and focus on your fitness and health. You CAN find one hour. If not with Hamboody, do *something* that gets you moving and gets you back in touch with feeling healthy (because I KNOW sitting in an office / class room all day long does not help those feelings of health and well being).  Believe me - it CAN be done.  

You may have to get up a little extra early, but people busier than you who have slept less that you are doing it.  Or forgo the caffeinated beverage at 2pm and instead take that half an hour you'd spend in the Starbuck's line and get outside and get walking.  You'll feel better for it and avoid the caffeine / sugar crash that would've been awaiting you at 4pm.  Or plan and prep your family's meals ahead of time (if you're the meal prepper), or allow them to fend for themselves (I promise - they'll figure it out), and no matter how tired you are at the end of the day, get yo' *ss to class!  In class you'll be with fellow exhausted moms, dads, workers, caretakers, etc ... and you all can take that hour together to decompress and work on your health.  Laugh together. Encourage each other. Sling weights together. I promise you, people likely much busier than you have learned the importance of caring for themselves and are not allowing excuses to keep them away from their goals - they are showing up and getting it done.  They know they'll be more productive, present and helpful to others if they also take care of themselves. And they're feeling all the better for it.  You may need to plan more than you're used to, or be more organized than you're accustomed to, or you may have to get a little less sleep than you'd like to, but ...


I'll see you in class!  ;-)