CIRCUIT TRAINING: Circuit Training is the core of Hamboody Strong's fitness approach.  In these classes you'll enjoy a variety of exercises, stretches and posture poses aimed at increasing overall strength, fitness, posture and flexibility.  Workouts and how they are structured vary daily.

YOGA: Hamboody Strong now also offers a "Recovery Yoga" series.  Your body works hard when it completes our Circuit Training sessions, and you need to help it recover and heal, as that is a vital part of the wellness process.  And Recovery Yoga will help you do just that.  Lead by instructor Inbal, you will be guided through an approximately one hour class that will aid in creating more flexibility and flow to your muscles and body, while providing you with a relaxing yoga experience.
Please note a fee of $12.00 applies for all yoga classes and payment is due prior to class time.  Registration and payment can be completed via our schedule page.

FIRST CLASS IS FREE!  Remember, your first Hamboody Strong Circuit Training class is always free.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to try it out for yourself to see if it works for you.  Simply email us at to reserve your spot.