Here at Hamboody Strong we rarely have those "before & after" photos you see at other gyms as our clients are all on a life-long journey to wellness - there is no start or end.  Lifelong fitness and wellness cannot be achieved during a 28-day bikini bootcamp or a 30 day juice cleanse. Wellness must be attained and achieved in ways that are maintainable, sustainable and enjoyable for the long term. That is the journey that we encourage & teach our clients to take on here - and while their journey can shift as goals are achieved - it can never be truly done.  
Of course, with that all being said, our clients do hit many amazing milestones along the way - both on and off the scale - that we are always sure to celebrate. Please click the photos below to catch a glimpse!

Hamboody Strong is a Five Star rated business on Yelp! and is the #1 Recommended Gym on NextDoor for the Lake Balboa area!  We are extremely proud of both the work we do here and the supportive, encouraging and fun community of people we've built.  We hope you'll check us out!