With all the "diet" plans, "health" foods and "cleanses" out there - are you confused by what you should or should not be eating while you're training? Do you need a little nutrition coaching to understand what you're currently eating each day, how it's affecting your wellness journey and what tweaks you should / could make to see and feel overall improvements?  Let us help!  Certified through the Sports Nutrition for Fitness Professionals program offered by ACE, our coaches will help you learn more about what you're currently eating, how your current choices are affecting your wellness journey and how perhaps some changes (big or small) could make a significant difference to your overall wellness journey.  

What you will receive:

  • A daily online review of your food diary (you will need to log your food via My Fitness Pal) along with suggestions on areas to improve
  • Daily notes on what foods in your diet you should keep eating and what foods you should avoid, and when applicable, the reasoning
  • Greater knowledge of the importance of macronutrients & micronutrients in your diet and the know-how to track them and ensure you're achieving balance for your daily needs
  • A sense of accountability for your nutrition choices
  • Weekly email newsletter with nutrition tips, tricks and yummers healthy recipes
  • Inspiration and motivation to make what sometimes can be those hard choices (eat kale, not donuts ;-))

What we will need from you:

  • Accurately log your food on a daily basis via My Fitness Pal so that it may be reviewed in a timely fashion by our coaches
  • Email account to receive your daily notes / suggestions

Programs start on the 1st day of each month and run for a total of 30 days.  In order to ensure excellent client service & focus, our coaches will only take on a maximum of 5 clients per month, so it is recommend that you secure your spot in your desired month(s) ASAP.  

Nutrition Coaching (30 days)
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***Please note, as our coaches are NOT Registered Nutritionists or Dieticians there are some services they legally cannot provide during this program.  If you wish for any of the below it is recommended you reach out to one of the above mentioned professions for their services.

  • Detailed Meal Plan (while suggestions will be made, it will be up to each individual client to make the final decision on which foods they specifically choose to eat)
  •  Grocery / shopping list
  •  Diagnosis or treatment for any current medical conditions