Hamboody Strong Olympic Lifting Program: Fall 2017


Hamboody Strong Olympic Lifting Program: Fall 2017


Congratulations!  Your name has been pulled to participate in our Olympic / Power Lifting Program commencing Saturday, September 9th at 9:45am.  In order to secure your slot and participate, please pay your program fee of $40 no later than Monday, September 4th. Thank you!

Hamboody Strong Olympic Lifting Program:

Welcome to our Olympic / Power lifting program!  For 8 weeks (one session per week) we (Coach Deirdre & Coach Chico) will take our participants through a progressive program that gets you not only comfortable with lifting heavy weights in a dynamic fashion, but proficient at it!  Watch as your fitness goals explode from an injection of heavy lifting into your routine!  Classes are held on Saturdays at 9:45am (see below for specific dates of upcoming sessions) and run for approximately one hour.  In order to ensure a safe and focused environment, we are opening this program up to a maximum of 8 participants, and because we have a lot of interest in this program, those 8 participants will be pulled from a lottery system of all interested parties.  
Cost, if selected, is $40 / person for all 8 classes.

What can I expect if I participate?
Each session will be geared towards building progression and proficiency at Olympic / Power lifting and each session will focus on teaching 1 - 2 complex power lifting moves, along with a series of complimentary exercises. We will also start with a warmup session and a series of both dynamic and static stretching.  Each class will also include work with kettle bells, stretches to increase mobility of hips, knees, ankles and shoulders, plyometric work, and of course, power lifting. 

What are the session dates for this program?
Class 1 - Saturday, September 9th @ 9:45am
Class 2 - Saturday, September 23rd @ 9:45am
Class 3 - Saturday, October 7th @ 9:45am
Class 4 - Saturday, October 14th @ 9:45am
Class 5 - Saturday, October 21st @ 9:45am
Class 6 - Saturday, October 28th @ 9:45am
Class 7 - Saturday, November 11th @ 9:45am
Class 8 - Saturday, November 18th @ 9:45am

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