Member Spotlight: Allison P
Member since June 1st, 2016. Allison attends an average of 3-5 of our circuit training classes each week.

In Her Own Words:
I was someone looking to get into shape and get somewhat back to where I was fitness-wise before having two kids almost back to back.  
I've tried so many different gyms and types of workouts, but none seemed to really keep my interest.  I have two young children under 5, so finding a place that had the time slot that worked best for this working mom was proving near impossible.  One day I was checking my Nextdoor app and saw another mom asking for a trainer.  As luck would have it Deirdre responded.  I decided to check it out since the first class was free.  I was so nervous going to my first class.  I felt like it was the first day of school and I was the new kid, but once I got there all of that went away.  The people there were so welcoming.  I found that almost everyone was in the same, or at least very similar, boat as me.  I didn't feel embarrassed at the things I couldn't do (yet).  Deirdre is an amazing trainer who inspires me with her story and pushes me to do my very best.  I was hooked.  It's been 5 months now and I look forward to going.  Even when I'm sore and tired and just want to lay on the couch, I hear Deirdre in my head saying, "Remember why you started" and "Consistency is key."  
I'm also someone with chronic back and sciatic problems and I found that regular workouts have made me stronger and I have less issues and symptoms when working out.  When I went away on vacation for a month my sciatic pain returned. :-(  When I then returned, I was determined to get back to where I had been.  Even though I was frustrated that I had lost strength ( I went from doing 1 standard push-up in a minute, to 26 in a minute after only 6 weeks!) Deirdre continued to remind me that it would all come back.  Along with her, the other members of Hamboody encourage me to work hard.  I'm surprised by what I can do that I would have never done without the push from these great folks! 
And then when work started again, (I'm a teacher) and my son wasn't in daycare I thought, "Great, what am I going to do now?!"  And Deirdre allowed me to bring my son to the 4:00pm workout (He's a chill kid, so it worked).  Now Hamboody has become a house hold name.  My 4 year talks about staying healthy and exercising.  He will ask me, "Is this an every time food or a sometimes food."  I feel good knowing my son is learning how to make healthy choices and live a healthy life.  That is my updated new goal as to why I started this journey, "Be a healthy mom for my family."  My journey is nowhere near over.  As I remind myself everyday, "It's not a sprint, it's a marathon."  I know with the help of Deirdre's daily change of exercises that work our strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance, I will reach my goal.