Member Spotlight: Deana R
Member since June 1st, 2016. Deana is an 'unlimited' member and, when she is in town, attends an average of 3-5 of our circuit training classes each week. As she travels A LOT, she also completes hotel room / hotel gym workouts as prescribed by Hamboody Strong.

In Her Words:
My Journey.
That is what life is… a great big fun, and sometimes challenging, journey.  
I started at Hamboody in June.  I had been looking for a new “gym” as I had cancelled my membership at my most recent gym and had not worked out for 2, if not more, years.  Menopause added an extra “layer” of challenges.  I saw Hamboody on Nextdoor and I liked what I read.  Deirdre, the owner/trainer, had answered someone’s post about a trainer.  The first class was free, so I thought why not?
Well, once I started, I realized why not…. I had gained at least 50 pounds, I was not in the shape I used to be, I could not get up from the floor easily and it hurt to walk first thing in the morning.  Oh, and I had no flexibility.  And those are just the things that I am willing to write!
The good news is, no one looked at me like the fat kid from high school when I was the weakest or slowest.  In fact, I found that the harder I tried, the more positive the feedback and encouragement from both Deirdre AND the other people in class.  We are truly a team at Hamboody. The environment is a wonderful motivator.  Now that I have been going to class for 5 months, I have lost 20 pounds, can get up from the floor with ease, and as noted by my family, I am happier and less stressed!
From a fitness perspective, I can do a box jump, which I could NOT do when I started class, hoola-hoop, which was fun as a kid but I was not able to do it in June, and other things too numerous to mention.  My heart health has improved, I can climb stairs and talk at the top!  My flexibility has improved, which makes getting out of bed a noise-less endeavor now.  
I travel for work and am not able to attend training as much as I prefer, however Hamboody has inspired me work out when I travel and to eat healthier.  I still have my Friday night wine and enjoy my lifestyle, leading me to know that I will keep this up and continue on my new and improved fitness journey.  I have fitness goals to attain (more weight loss and increased strength) and I know I will have to continue to work hard.  Team Hamboody will continue to help me do this and I am enjoying the journey.  
Oh, and best of all, I am told I look younger!  What a fabulous thing to hear at 5:30 in the morning!