Member: Erin T.J.
Member since June 1st, 2016. Erin attends an average of 3-5 of our circuit training classes each week and is also a member of the Hamboody Strong Run Club

In Her Own Words:
My fitness journey started in May, when a photo of me appeared on social media (photo on left in collage above). I stared at that photo for a good 10 minutes because I didn’t recognize myself. And a picture is worth a thousand words. And I had a lot of words floating around in my head at that moment. I thought, “That can’t be me. Must be bad lighting. Oh the angle is all-wrong. I’m healthier than that, right?!?”
The next day I dusted off my scale and sure enough the number on that dreaded machine matched the photo. I was at the heaviest I’ve been in my entire life. I stood stunned for a moment and thought "well something has got to change". 
Over the month of May I really took a step back and evaluated my choices and started my search for a new fitness routine. I’m not a big box gym person. Nope nah no way. Those places intimidate me so much that there’s no way you’d catch me stepping foot in there. I knew that I had to find something with a more personal environment. I ran across Hamboody Strong on as they were advertizing a 6 week #summerbodbootcamp. So I signed up as I figured I can try anything for 6 weeks.
I was so nervous on that first day but determined with that number and photo in the back of my mind. My nerves were instantly calmed when I stepped into Hamboody Strong, the environment was so welcoming and Deirdre was so encouraging. She immediately stated that "This is a no judgment zone. Just do what you can and in 6 weeks you’ll see how much you’re able to improve!” And man was she right. During the first fitness test I was wheezing and huffing and she just kept saying, “You got this! Almost there.” That first test was a wake up call of both what I needed to work on and what I was already capable of - and I walked away knowing that I’d be coming back. I knew that Hamboody Strong was the place for me. Six weeks later I was a different person. I CRUSHED (Deirdre's word, not mine) the fitness test and lost a bunch of body fat and gained so much muscle, strength and confidence. I signed on to become a month-to-month member after that. And the results just keep coming ... 

Okay, so, you want to know my secrets for my success right? Well I can break it down into 3 bullet points, no secrets here. 

1) I showed up. DAILY. Yep you read that correctly, I was in class everyday a class was offered. It wasn’t always easy and some days I wasn’t able to push as hard as others but the more I went the more I could give. I sweated, worked and burped my way thru class every day during those first 6 weeks. Consistency is key. Now that I'm back to work, attending 6 classes a week isn't possible, but I'm still there 3-5 times a week, always ensuring getting in my workout is a top priority on my daily "to-do" list, and the results are still coming!

2) I started drinking more water. I realized that I wasn’t hydrating properly so I slowly began to add more water to my day. The goal was to get to 1 gallon a day. It wasn’t easy but I slowly started incorporating more glasses until I reached that goal. I start each morning with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and then continue drinking all day long. When you come to a class you’ll see me on our breaks refilling my water jug. I usually drink 60 ounces (almost ½ a gallon) during just one class.

3) Now this is the tough one, I started tracking my calories with an online food tracker. (Think Lose It, My Fitness Pal, etc.) Food is my weakness and half this battle is fought in the kitchen. And no matter how many classes I attend each week, I learned that one can never outwork a poor diet. I found that tracking my food really put everything into perspective. I wasn’t eating good/healthy foods. It’s amazing what kind of accountability comes by tracking your food. For me this is a huge lifestyle change and it didn’t happen overnight. I’m still adjusting to this change. And actually there was a period during the 6 week program where I plateaued and Deirdre pointed out that I was being TOO strict on my calorie intake and as a result I wasn’t seeing any changes. I needed to give my body more fuel. Once I gave my body what it needed I got what I wanted ... RESULTS. Funny how that works huh? 

Those are my secrets and they work. Hamboody Strong has changed my life. My clothes fit better (you know that pair of jeans that you keep because, mark your word, you’ll be that size again…yep I’m now wearing THOSE jeans), I have TONS more energy and I’ve really started to enjoy working out.  
Hamboody Strong is my fitness family. Every member is determined and inspires me daily. And I have to stress this again; this is a no judgment zone. All of the members are on their own fitness path and we all celebrate our victories together. Deirdre has created something truly special with Hamboody Strong. 
Anyway enough about me, I truly hope to see you in a class soon.