Member Spotlight: Vanessa H
Member since June 2016. Vanessa is an "unlimited" member and attends an average of 4 circuit training classes per week and is also a member of the Hamboody Strong Run Club.

In Her Words:
I joined the Hamboody team after 5 years of complete inertia. In that time, since taking an office job, I gained 25 lbs, went up two pants sizes, and even that was starting to feel tight. Clothing shopping was to be avoided at all costs, and I skipped the beach to avoid wearing a swimsuit for the first time in my life. I'd just given up hope that I'd ever find a way back to being in shape, let alone have the dedication to see it through. 

Then I read about a new workout class in my neighborhood and thought, what do I have to lose? I will never forget how nervous I was sitting in my car outside Deirdre's house before that first Saturday class. Well, once we got going, I was cracking up and sweating and the time flew by. I was hooked. Everyone is so much fun, and I don't feel intimidated and weirded out like I do when I go to a gym. Every class, we gab, listen to good music, encourage one another, and crank it out, day after day. If you had told me 3 months ago I'd be willingly getting up at 5am to go work out, I would have looked at you like your head unscrewed.  What can I say? I'm hooked on the friendships, the ever-changing workouts, my renewed flexibility, strength and confidence in my physicality. I'm thinner, stronger, toned and did I mention thinner? It feels amazing now to start my day with an hour of serious sweating, all before the sun comes up. At my first 6 week check in, I had lost some serious weight and put on quite a bit of muscle.  In less than 3 months, my mile time has improved by almost four minutes and I went from being able to do 3 very feeble push-ups to 55 within a minute. Out in the world, I stand straighter, prouder and feel so much more comfortable in my (new) clothing. All this because Deirdre is there the whole time, egging you on, correcting your form, and serving as the core of this motley crew of sweating fools. She makes working out fun, and soon that starts to seem natural!

Now I've started running as part of the Hamboody Run Club and hope to be able to compete in a half-marathon. For the first time in much too long, I think, "I've got this." You can too! You've got this. We'll help you get there.